Cricket leagues are played in both High and Primary schools. 
In high schools, a friendly league is played in the first term with the competitive league taking place in the 3rd term. There are approximately 396 teams playing in structured leagues with just under 1 300 matches played. This means that almost 3000 boys played cricket in the provincial schools structure. The CSA Coca-Cola T20 Schools Challenge round robin takes place in the forth term, with the semi-finals and finals taking place in the first term the following year.  

Primary schools run their leagues in the four various districts: South West; South East; North West and North East. The leagues are split between small, medium and large schools - playing strength vs strength. The winners in each section in all four of the districts then have play-offs to determine an overall small, medium and large school winner. This season, 510 teams are entered into the above leagues. More than 3000 matches are played during the third term, allowing more than 5500 players the opportunity to participate.

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Youth Cricket and Office Administrator
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