The Coach Education program is the main driver behind all the coaches that are doing magnificent jobs in producing players within our pipeline and beyond. We strongly believe that the more we empower our coaches, the stronger our system becomes. Coach education develops coaches for all age groups, which ensures a continuous feeder of high quality players to the Cricket South Africa pipeline. 

We have various coach programs, which allow coaches to grow and enhance their skills within our system and beyond. These programs include: CAP camps, coaching forums, shadow coaching, specialized workshops and refresher courses. 

We have more than 600 coaches that are active and accredited within our system. There are a significant number of coaches that are active but not accredited, and this is the group of coaches that we target for all our coaching courses, as we want them to improve.

We are also excited to have our four critical Framework Coaching positions that are under our wing as Coach Education. 
These are the coaches that play a pivotal role in identify player talent and accelerate their potential. These positions require no less than a Level 3 coaching qualification, which sends a strong message on how serious we are in terms of getting quality coaching within our pipeline. The success of all our Provincial Junior teams in various National Cricket Weeks rely purely on the coaches that hold these four positions. 

The Northerns Coaching Manual was introduced and rolled out in May 2017. It is aimed at coach development from soft ball cricket to hard ball cricket. It prepares all our beginner and junior coaches for the next coaching qualification, which is Level I. The transition from coaching soft  to hard ball cricket proved to be challenging for most coaches, therefore we needed to bridge that gap and have a smooth transition. This has had a positive impact, where our coaches have now got confidence to coach hard ball cricket and are eager to progress to Level I.

We certainly pride ourselves in delivering quality and meaningful coaching programs that assist our coaches to excel and achieve success  within their coaching environments.
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